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When the Goin Gets Tough Remember To Take Care of Yourself

17 Feb

Normally, I love my job. I work with great people, and we make cool things happen. Today, however, was not a good day at work. Just one of those days when too much needs to get done in not enough time, and things get a little hairy. Today was like cousin it.

my day at work, but i'd throw a few curls in

I ended up working until 7pm, and needless to say when I finally shut down my computer I did NOT want to go to the gym and to complete a workout. Had this been any other time in my life when I didn’t have a workout schedule I would’ve been on the train pining for sweatpants and my bed ASAP (and chocolate. definitely chocolate). But you know what? I’ll be damned if a bad day at work will take over my attitude and have me put myself last. I changed my mindset to focus on putting my personal goals first, and taking care of my needs! Sounds so selfish, but I’m really just comparing my wants to my career pressures. So this is okay :) .

Today’s workout plan:

I arrived at the gym at 7:15 which unfortunately means I missed the 6:30 ab class I penciled in, but something is better than nothing. I hit the dreadmill treadmill and got in my 2 miles. They started out powerful–”I am strong! Damn the man!”–and ended with staring at the mileage on the clock as it creeped towards 2. Torture. I kept bumping up the speed for 2 minute intervals so I could reach the distance faster and get the hell out of there. Unplanned speed work, sweet. Once I hit the big 2, I slowed down and walked on an incline for 4 minutes. Then I hit the road.

When I got home consumed a large plate of steamed broccoli and red kidney beans + a spicy black bean veggie burger. Glory. glory. We are the champions.

My friends.

Night Run Cause and Effects

5 Nov

Tonight I was angry.

Some personal shit went down, and there was smoke seeping out of my body as I left work. I had to run to midtown and pick up tickets for a broadway show, and noticed I was speedwalking through the crowds at a furious pace. Bam tourists, out of my way! …

I decided a night run was in order. And continued my furious pace back down to the subway into Brooklyn. I got to my place around 7:00, it was already completely dark outside (sunset appeared to be at 5pm today.. wtf?), and prepped for go time. Then out the door at 7:30.

Immediate lesson (that I already knew and ignored): Do not wear ALL BLACK while running at night. Especially in Brooklyn. Especially when running in the street. With cars. We are breakable. The first loud honk scared me onto the sidewalk for the rest of the night.

Going up Bedford Ave was a breeze, and then when I hit the Williamsburg bridge I stopped and walked for a block. I didn’t interpret this as weakness, I just wanted to walk and think. I didn’t want to get back home so quickly and the movement was good for my head.

After the short walk, I turned and headed back home along the BQE. This is when the speed kicked in. My pace reminded me of a cruise workout like I used to do in high school (hitting race pace for a set period of time). My lungs were burning beautifully, and my breathing was heavy but consistent. My legs were strong and my pace stayed steady. All this even after taking some weeks off; I was amazed. I think this was a combo effect from hyped up adrenaline and fuel.

Another thing I learned (and already knew, but also ignored): Fueling properly before a run really DOES improve performance. I wasn’t planning on this run, but I had a package of cashews and an apple at work just before leaving, and I definitely felt stronger than usual. No dropoff in energy towards the second half, and no empty stomach. When I run in the morning it’s either an empty stomach or a piece of bread because I don’t have time to sit and digest. Not sure if I can eat more on morning weekdays, but at least I know.

Total distance was 3.6 miles. Inner fire down to a smolder. When I’m pissed off, I run well. I bet it’s true for a lot of runners. I like it, though I prefer to not be angry. But I think I found the silver lining.

Retaliate With a Run

4 Oct

You know, I thought that once I graduated college the partying lifestyle would die down, and I’d spend my weekends walking in the sunshine and sipping a glass of wine or two at night.out in nyc

This is not the case.

There is always a reason to get messy, and it’s just so appealing! Dammit! It’s pretty clear that hangovers aren’t unusual for me, hence my need to revisit this hangover post constantly, but I really do not like myself in the morning.

Mel- I don’t like you.

How do I make it up to myself? I run it out. I feel like a good, hard, run will un-mess my weekend mess and dissolve all the alcohol/2am pizza decisions that were made. Do I really this one run will fix this? Yes, one run will fix this.

Just kidding.

I’d like to blame my current couch position on Blockheads ($3 margaritas!) and The Hill(nice bartenders=free drinks, but otherwise very lame bar). Damn you both. I will retaliate with a run attack at approximately 4pm.

One run will not undo a weekend of debouchery and tomfoolery. But. It helps.

I attempted to preempt this feeling last night, and set out on a 4 mile run here, which felt awesome. I left at around 7pm, and it was already half-way through the sunset. The air was about 65 degrees and kind of humid, and Dave Matthews started off my playlist. It was a sweet vibe. I really like running in the dark. It makes you appreciate your thoughts (if you’re a pensive runner) even more so.

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