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Two Tricks To Staying Motivated & A 12 Minute Workout

29 May

After a Memorial Day Weekend full of hot dogs, hamburgers, beer, chips (sour cream & onion ridges… mmmm) and cookies, I woke up this morning at 7:15 with the mindset of kicking it really hard at the gym. The only thing was, I felt super groggy and kind of sick with an itchy throat. The cause of said shitty feeling? My allergies. Why, why, why won’t they go away? I made my ceremonial cup of coffee none the less, and sat down to watch today’s bodyrock routine.

As I watched the hosts sweat their asses off, I thought to myself, “Eh, that looks kinda hard, maybe I won’t workout today.” And then I immediately talked myself off the ledge. Don’t do it Mel!!!

I know myself by now, and there are two key things I need to keep in mind when trying to maximize my health & fitness:

1. Focus on an upcoming event I want to be in shape for. For me, it’s not just enough to want to be in shape. I’ll go to them gym 3x a week with that goal in mind, and eat okay, but I won’t be at my best. I need to be driven by the thought of how I want to feel at an exact future event. For example, last year I went on a cruise with my family, and that was a great motivator for me to say no to cookies–or really, just eat less cookies ;) . So this morning I focused on Bonnaroo. Dave and I are going to that 3 day music festival in only a week, and I plan on being a hippie in my shorts & bikini top the whole time.

2. Implement the 5 minute rule when working out. Like I mentioned earlier, I was very close to calling it quits this morning. But the 5 minute rule says this: get into your workout routine anyway, and give it 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, your heartrate will be up a bit, and the “feel good” feeling will start to kick in. If it doesn’t, and you still feel like this is not a good day to workout, then by all means, save it for tomorrow. Today I did just that–jumped on the treadmill for a warmup and after only 3 minutes starting feeling good. I ended up seeing my workout through to completion. Yeya.

Here’s my 12 minute workout for today, with reps included under each exercise:

12 minute bodyrock workout

After the workout, I made a nice healthy egg scramble. Cookies be damned.

  • 2 eggs
  • ~ 1.5 cups of chopped kale
  • 6 grape tomatoes, halfed
  • 2 mini yellow peppers, sliced
  • lil bit of sliced yellow onion
  • salt, pep, oregano

I’m lovin’ these little peppers lately. Not sure if it’s because they taste good, because their colorful, or because they’re really, really, cute:

How do you keep yourself motivated to workout and eat healthy?

12 Minute Workout & Chicken For Breakfast

24 May

Two very energizing things happened to me yesterday. First, an entrepreneur that I look up to in Austin agreed to grab coffee with me, and helped me realize some opportunity right at my fingertips with Trainer Link. Second, I tested out a new personal trainer model for Trainer Link that got traction in just 4 days. Granted, it’s not amazing holy moly I’ve cured world hunger traction–but it’s traction!! And because both of those very exciting things happened in the same day, I got no sleep last night. Too. Much. Excitement.


I woke up with only 4 hours of sleep behind me and decided to hit the gym anyway to keep my fitness mojo going. I created a 12 minute high intensity interval workout called “No Sleep”, heh, and knocked it out before 9am.

12 minute workout

Following my workout, I was completely out of time and needed to run out the door for a meeting–so I grabbed the quickest possible protein rich breakfast I could find. That ended up being cold leftover grilled chicken straight from the tuperware container. Dave then told me I smelled like chicken as I drove him to work.

Anyway :)

Here is a breakdown of the workout I did plus my reps. The 12 minute workout consisted of 50 seconds “on” of an exercise completing as many reps as possible with good form, followed by 10 seconds rest. I had a 4 exercise circuit that I completed 3 times through to total 12 minutes. You can follow the links of each exercise to see an example of the move.

1. Alternating jump lunges holding a 10 lb. weight: 22/20/24

2. Stability ball knee crunches: 13/11/9

3. Reverse push ups (without the kicks shown in this video): 16/14/13

4. Alternating one-legged push ups: 8, 8 (last two from knees), 10 (last 6 from knees)

I thought it was a great full body workout and a great way to start another busy day.

So tell me, what’s the oddest thing you’ve ever eaten for breakfast?



An Experiment In Time Management

1 May

Each morning while drinking my first cup of coffee, I set out to conquer the world write my to-do list for the day. The to-do list usually contains 6 or 7 items, sometimes more, sometimes less. The goal, of course, is to cross off all the items by the end of the day and buy myself a big ice cream cone as a reward (jk, I’m not a big ice cream girl). But as my schedule becomes more and more erratic with trying to get Trainer Link off the ground, I’m finding that I’m spending a lot of time multi-tasking, and it’s causing me to complete less tasks. Take yesterday’s list for example:

So those little line items on the bottom that say “TL post” and “MR post”? Yeah, those would be the blog posts I didn’t get a chance to write (I’m sorry friends!). There’s so much to do in one day, how will I achieve it all?! I’ve decided to try a new system. I’m going to lay out time blocks for the day, and dedicate a certain task to each time.

For example, my plan today was to write this blog post between 10 and 10:30am. It’s currently 10:23… but I think I can make it!! I also scheduled time for me to workout this morning. Being back in the gym kicking my butt felt SO good. Nothing like a good sweat. Today’s workout was a 12 minute beauty from

bodyrocker progress

And there’s also a time for breakfast :) . Today I made a 2 egg omelette with arugula and laughing cow cheese. I had some blackberries on the side.

easy healthy breakfast

I bet you guys think I only eat breakfast because that’s all I post about. Well, you’re right. Kidding.. you’re not right. I just tend to write about breakfast because I blog while I’m eating it. I suppose that’s multi-tasking though, isn’t it.

Ah! I can’t escape myself!

How do you set out to accomplish your tasks each day? 

P.S. I finished this post at 10:34. Not bad, eh?

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