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“Taking control of what you eat at a restaurant” or “Being that guy”

5 Jun

I’m that guy at the restaurant whom waiters hate. Everyone at the table orders: “I’ll have the tuna melt!” “I’ll take the meatloaf, please.” “Can I have a number 4?”

And then I go.

“Hey, how are you?” That’s the obligatory super nice starting sentence to try to get in good before I ruin it all. Next comes, “I have a question.” Which is usually answered by a “Sure.” Unbeknownst to the waiter, he’s now strapped into the roller coaster.

“Is it possible to have the tuna melt, but instead of tuna, can I have turkey?”

“Okay, so you want the tuna melt.. without tuna..”

“Yeah, with turkey instead.”

“Um, okay yeah we can do that.”

“And no cheese. Also if you could add lettuce, tomato, and onion, that would be awesome.”

“Ummm, yeah I think we can do that too.”

“Thank you so much! Also do you guys have whole wheat toast instead of white?”

“We do.”


“Chips or french fries?”

“Ummmm could I get a side salad actually?”

“It’ll be $2 extra.”

“That’s fine.”

“Italian, russian, blue cheese, ranch, or honey mustard?”

“Do you guys have just oil & vinegar that I can have on the side”


“Okay! Thanks so much!”

This morning I went to Progress coffee for a quick meeting, and while their breakfast menu is decent, it’s just not my style. So I ordered the egg & cheese biscuit, with 2 eggs instead of 1, sans the biscuit, sans the cheese. The result? Two microwaved egg-like objects on a plate. The guy at the counter handed it to me, and said, “is this cool?” I replied, “eggggg-selent!” He smirked and shook his head. I said, “Yeah, I went there.”

And yeah, I’d do it again.

The Best Food Truck In Austin Texas

7 May

Austin is home to some great tex-mex, and killer barbeque. But thanks to this blog, I was lucky to enough to come across a food truck taking it’s own road to delicious cuisine: the Hill Country Pierogi Truck. The truck is run by boyfriend and girlfriend duo Rob and Britt, and is located on the East Side on 11th. The couple left their apartment in the East Village of Manhattan in search of a way to follow their passion (huge foodies!) and decided to take a leap and open up the pierogi business here. But the leap wasn’t random–oh no. Britt was raised eating her Polish grandma’s wonderful home made pierogi, and she was determined to bring that wonderful memory, and time honored food to the table in Austin.

best food truck in austin texas

If you’ve never heard of pierogi–no worries–I’m here to help. The Polish word is pronounced puh-roe-gy, with the emphasis on the middle syllable. It translates loosely into “delicious, pillowy, dough pockets stuffed with potato and cheese, pan sauteed in butter and onions.”

pierogi from the best food truck in austin

Okay, so that’s not really how it translates, but it may as well. Do you SEE that picture? Gah! I want more. Potato and cheese is the original version, but Britt and Rob cook up some amazing fusion pierogi that literally make you say “wow,” after the first bite.

Britt invited me and a few other bloggers to the Hill Country Pierogi trailer last week for a sampling of their finest options. I came with a huge appetite and left rolling myself home. It’s the kind of food you can’t stop eating no matter how full you get.

For an appetizer, Britt started us off with freshly grilled chorizo locally sourced from Aurelia’s, with a side of Fredericksburg Farms mustard. Tasty bites.

pierogi from the best food truck in austin

After the appetizer was finished, out came our first round of pierogi (YES!). Round 1 included traditional pierogi made with potatoes and cheese (made with cheddar), bacon pierogi made with potato, bacon and onion (pictured below, one of my faves), and a veggie pierogi made with gorgonzola cheese.

pierogi from the best food truck in austin

Round 2 included a pizzarogi, Britt & Robb’s creation of their signature pierogi dough stuffed with two kinds of cheese and marinara sauce, deep fried, and topped with pepperoni and more sauce on side for dipping (my boyfriend goes insane for this one), a maker’s mark infused pulled pork pierogi complete with brown sugar sour cream on the side (by FAR my favorite. foodgasm), and lastly, a Korean short rib and kimchi pierogi, with siracha infused sour cream on the side.

pierogi from the best food truck in austin

I mean really. Why haven’t you eaten here yet? Why am I not eating there right now? Will you meet me there for dinner? I’m serious.

pierogi from the best food truck in austin

Go now. Please. Tell Britt I sent you so that maybe she’ll give me an extra pierogi next time I go ;) .

“What To Eat To Get a Six Pack” or “No Carbs?!”

5 Mar

Last week I met with a trainer, Leah (soon to be featured) who started out our session with an intense forty minute nutrition evaluation. She asked me what my goals are, and my standard response to this question has now become “I want to be ripped like Kelly Ripa”. Leah laughed, and she said “Okay, well what’s your specific goal?” To which I replied, “I want a six pack. Just one time in my life. That’s it. Just once. And then it can go away!” Note: This is the same trainer who made me unintentionally realize I’m a couch potato.

With my washboard abs goal on the table, Leah laid out what she believed it would take for me to achieve it–and it was all diet based. Get this–in two months, I could had the six pack of my dreams, if only I could:

  • cut out carbs 100%
  • cut out dairy 100%
  • drink only water and iced tea
  • cut out artificial sweeteners

Holy smokes. As she told me this via skype, I said to her “Wow. Okay, I can try!” but she said “Don’t try! Just do it!” So this whole weekend, I tried to just do it. The biggest changes I had to make were my breakfast and snacking habits. No more oatmeal pancakes, no more pb&j’s (ahhh!!!), no more cereal straight from the box. Adios crackers and hummus. Sionara greek yogurt.

Hello celery and peanut butter with a little cinnamon on top:

celery and peanut butter

Hey there, orange cut up on a plate looking very seductive:

cut up orangeOther eats include eggs, eggs, and more eggs (really diggin’ them hard boiled with salt & pepper), grilled chicken with steamed veggies, tons of berries, raw walnuts and almonds, chicken sausage, and fish. I’ve been VERY hungry. I mean, I always am, but this time I find that I have to much more mindful of what I’m grabbing.

And then yesterday it occurred to me: am I on a diet? This is weird. Wow. I kind of am! It doesn’t really feel that way because it’s not like I don’t eat when I’m hungry, I’m just choosing other things (and a lot of them). But still, it is kind of diet-like. I said this to Dave when the light-bulb sprung on over my head, and he said t me “Look, the word ‘diet’ came to have such a negative connotation about restriction, but really diet just means ‘what you eat’, and now you’re just eating different things.” And he was right. And that made me feel better.

But then for some reason last night, all I wanted in this world was a hamburger. And let me tell you, I NEVER crave hamburgers. Mostly because I don’t really like them. Never have. Last night, though, it seemed to be the most appealing thing in the world to me. And before I knew it, Dave and I were at a bar on a Sunday night, scarfing down on these:

Courtesy of this place–which was one featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives:

The burgers were DIVINE. Totally hit the spot. It was charred on the outside, crazy juicy on the inside. And then this morning I made waffles.

No carbs fail is go. At least I haven’t had dairy?

P.S. I do have to say, that before the sudden jump off of the healthy-eating cliff, I was feeling wonderfully light, and I think it was mostly in my head. When you’re making the right food choices (whatever “right” means for you), you just feel good about yourself.

P.P.S. Those burger pictures are from yelp–I forgot to take a photo last night because I dove in head first.

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