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Good Mistakes

18 Apr

Check it out: twins! I didn’t realize it until after I put salt and pepper on. Then I couldn’t eat it because twins are cute, and it made me feel evil.

twin egg yolk

Onto other news.

Do you guys remember back in the day when I told you I was going to get certified as a personal trainer? Well, I somehow managed to be very anticlimactic about it, because I did get my certification about two months ago :) . I have a sweet little certificate sitting in a folder in a closet in my bedroom that says “Melanie, you can kick people’s asses legally.” After three years of writing on this blog about health and fitness, sharing my push up enthusiasm with thousands of readers, I can finally say I’m a professional trainer!

personal trainer certification

But you know what? At first I didn’t want to train anybody.

Weird, right? Spend all that time, money and energy on something you love only to come out of it thinking … “Eh, I don’t know.” But after seeing what the life of a personal trainer is from the inside of the industry, it just didn’t seem like a good fit. It wasn’t enough for me, so to speak. And while some people might consider that a waste, I started to consider it an expensive mistake that was worth making. There are so many things I “want to be when I grow up,” that I need to go out there and try them all so that I don’t find myself one day saying, “Dang, I bet I would’ve loved being a fitness professional.” (thought I never say “dang”, so I’m probably safe).

Regardless of my inner instinct to avoid training people, friends of mine who knew I was a certified butt-kicker started asking me to help them get in shape. Not because they didn’t care that I thought it wasn’t for me, they didn’t even know I was feeling that way, they asked because they believed I could truly make a difference for them. So I said yes.

Fast forward to now and I’ve found myself with weekly regulars. Goes to show that you can chart your own course all your want, but it always pays to explore a little bit. It’s worth it, because I’m enjoying myself while also learning a lot–and my friends are getting the best of the best to train them (heh). Everyone wins and I’m glad things worked out the way they did.  Being that I’m also in the midst of launching Trainer Link, it’s good timing for me to be active in the industry. Not only that, but I would have never thought of Trainer Link had I not gone down this road. Personal insights are invaluable for things like that. So here’s to getting really real!

Have you ever chased a dream only to think you made a mistake? What did you do next?

Sancho spotlight bonus! Here he is playing with his new favorite toy Rocky Raccoon, and then stopping to burp.

Beating The Creep

26 Mar

The flu is like a really, really creepy guy. You’re out at a happy hour that you didn’t intend to stay long at, and end up randomly talking to the guy next to you at the bar. Something immediately doesn’t feel right, but you stay anyway because maybe he’ll prove you wrong. Two drinks in you realize your first instinct was right, but now you’re determined to make the best of it anyway. So your devil side pushes the angel off your shoulder (thud), and you end up taking the guy home, only to wake up in the morning wondering what the hell happened and why your head hurts sooo bad. The next four days are full of incessant sext messages that make you want to vomit and/or throw your phone out the window, but you can’t because you can’t afford to just go around breaking phones, so you keep your phone in your pocket and die a little each time it vibrates. Picturing his face makes you sick to your stomach, so you kinda steer clear of food eating only half a sandwich a sitting (only pb&j seems edible), and tell everyone you know that you can’t shake this creep, and to stay away from anyone who looks remotely like him (mustaches might at first seem like a cool new hipster comeback look, but let’s not forget that not so long ago they used to be a visual cue for “creep-o”). You wake up each morning and take a sideways glance at your phone afraid it’ll hold shock and dismay and greaseball again. And it does, for those first four days, so you slide your head back under the covers texting back, “quit it you weirdo you’re ruining my day!” Gah. You yell at your phone but it doesn’t actually do any good. Your girlfriends call you and you all have a bitchfest trying to figure out ways to get rid of him. Nothing works. He’s like the plague. On the fifth day, your phone doesn’t go off at 9:30am with a “you’re on my mind” message, and you feel like you might have won. You crawl out of bed and actually eat breakfast without getting queasy. He ends up texting at 8pm, but at least your day was somewhat creep-free. The sixth day comes and you actually hear nothing from him all day? “Please let this be it!” you think to yourself. You eat whole sandwiches all day, even ones with turkey and cheese, and everything feels normal. Seventh day–still nothing. You realize, you beat the creep. You jump for joy, email all your girls and tell them you’re FREE! And immediately proceed to do a happy dance in your underwear before getting dressed for the day. You’ll never make that mistake again!

Moral of the story: take your vitamins.

So, you guessed it, I’m pretty sure I beat the creep at this point. Appetite is back in full swing, no fever, and no body aches. The only thing remaining is joint aches… which is weird… and makes me feel like I’m 80… but it’s way better than being a slave to my bed. I’ve been trying to eat foods that I read help with healing, three of them being garlic, oranges (vitamin C!) and coconut.

An oatmeal pancake cooked in coconut oil with a tangerine on the side:


Asparagus sauteed in olive oil with two cloves of garlic, walnuts, plus a chicken sausage on the side: 

sauteed asparagus

It’s been about two solid weeks since I had any kind of workout routine (before the flu was SXSW), so I need to get back into it. I KNOW I lost a ton of strength during this time, but that’s okay. Whatamigonnado? I still have a little bit of a cough, so I’m going to stay away from anything that’s a major cardio play, and stick to some push ups, squats and ab work. We’ll see how it feels.

Gotta start somewhere.


Is Tamiflu Safe?

25 Mar

Throughout my life whenever I was sick and a doctor prescribed me medicine, I took it exactly as directed and never asked any questions. There were only two kinds of medications that doctors could prescribe in my mind: 1) the z-pack, and 2) everything else. If I got handed a z-pack, I did a little victory dance, knowing that whatever was making me feel ill would indubitably be squashed in a matter of two days. If it was anything else, I felt gypped, didn’t even read the piece of paper I was handed, but filled the prescription none the less and took the meds (all the while wondering why the doc wouldn’t give me the good stuff).

This past Thursday, I was diagnosed with the flu. At the doctor’s office I was handed a prescription and told to take it twice a for five days. Was it a z-pack? No. So I didn’t bother reading the paper and I brought it to be filled at CVS. $100 later, I had Tamiflu in my purse, and I popped the first pill at 4:30 before taking a nap. Something this expensive must be really, really good, right? That’s what I told myself.

I woke up at 6pm unable to breathe, not because of the Tamiflu, but because of the flu in general. Before I was given this medicine, I was taking Nyquil to help me sleep, but I wasn’t sure if I could take both of these meds at the same time without getting a stomach ache. I googled it, and trusting in Wiki and Yahoo answers (which is never smart, but just goes to show you how influential aggregated information can be), found that the general public said it was cool. Believing in the internet, I popped some Nyquil.

I stayed in front of my computer for another little while, and followed different links that people provided about both Tamiflu and Nyquil. I came across an article called Tamiflu’s Effects On Your Brain.

is tamiflu safe

I read the title and thought, “This can’t be good.” According to the article, Tamiflu has caused dementia and other brain related issues in little kids, and also caused five deaths in Japan. YIKES. What is that about? The article said that at best, it will relieve the flue symptoms up to 1-2 days earlier.

Still believing in the power of the internet (and lacking the power of having a doctor on speed dial after office hours), I turned to Facebook and posted this question to my friends.

is tamiflu worth the risk?

Within minutes, people chimed in to share their opinion. One friend said, “ I wouldn’t, thats crazy. most medicine is poison for us in some way anyways.. But I understand wanting to feel some relief from the miserableness.. . hope you get better soon.” Another said, “Take it so I can come over and watch really, really mediocre comedies with you, SAncho, and Dave this weekend” heh… Finally, a friend who I went to college with who’s now a doctor posted, “Hey Mel. Tamiflu/Ostelmavir is used mostly for prophylatic reasons. Lets say some of your housemates got the flu and you want to protect yourself. It can also be used within the first 1-2 days of symptoms to try and reduce the duration of the symptoms. Under those circumstances it wont prevent the infection it will simply reduce the duration by 1-2 days MAX.
If you are past the 2nd day of symptoms it serves very little purpose.”

Done and done. I decided to stop taking it.

Now, I’m smart enough to know that you can’t believe everything you read online (so I say to myself, but after trusting in WikiAnswers, I don’t know if you should believe me), and one article on a somewhat questionable site is not enough proof to make any decisions. But it wasn’t really only the article that swayed me. It was the comments on the article that actually had even more of an impact. Kind of like when you’re shopping on Amazon and you want to read people’s reviews before you even read the manufacturer’s description of the product itself. One commenter said, ” Tamiflu supposedly interrupts the virus, and is not an antibiotic, but is classified as an anti-viral.  But stay away from it,  and do not give it to your children.  My daughter had 1 dose of it and was literally running into walls and could not stop.  Needless to say she has not had another dose, and I called the Doctor who prescribed it and told him what happened.  He has never even offered to prescribe it to anybody in our family since then.” and then another guy wrote, ”Convulsions, Delusions, Delerium and 5 deaths in Japan: If this was a disease, instead of a side affect, there would be warnings and mandatory vaccinations against it.  Alas, since it is an effect of medication, it’s seen as a small matter.” That rang so true to me. One person gets sick from a batch of contaminated spinach, the whole country stops eating spinach for almost a year. People’s kids go literally crazy from taking this medication, and it’s a dismissable percentage that’s best not to worry about.

So, what do you think? Would you take it?


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