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NYC Marathon Ran, And I Did Too

1 Nov

I somehow managed to wake up sans hangover this morning, the day after Halloween. Go figure. I decided to stop the no-running bullshit and get out there again. I needed it.

So, at about 9am I made some coffee, had a piece of toast for a little pre-run fuel, and left. I started running down Driggs Ave this morning instead of Nassau for a change of pace (that might have been a pun) and noticed that every block to my right had a blue barricade.


Last year I left my place to get a cup of coffee and all of a sudden came up upon the race out of nowhere. I can’t believe I almost forgot it again. Mel, get with it.

nyc marathon in brooklyn

I ran over to Bedford just as the wheelchair athletes were passing by. I watched these men and women rockin it at mile 12 and thought to myself, I can’t believe I doubt my ability to run sometimes. Am I kidding? Talk about inspiration. I had the chills running past these people, and smiled the whole time. This is what running is all about.

In true Brooklyn style, local musicians hit up the sidewalks to provide some tunes for the runners and crowds. Love it.

I rounded out with a 3.6 mile loop here. It felt very, very, good. I’ve also been ravenously hungry all day. That always happens when I get back into it.

After getting home and showering, I went right back out to cheer the runners through. Hundreds of people poured past me. And you know what? I think I can do this one day :) .

The Return of Yoga

27 Oct

After all my threatening to halt a bit on running and get into yoga, I finally jumped in. The yogasphere welcomed me with open oms*, and now I’m very, very sore :) .

Here’s the story.

As a new weekly contributer to the WGNews, I am contanstly seeking out local health and fitness issues to write about. This might sound easy. Theoretically it is. It just turns out I’m very good at waiting until the last minute to decide my topic and do some research.

This week’s furiously chosen topic (I think I ruined the suprise by now, yes?): yoga. Specifically, I took a class for beginners in the heart of Williamsburg. It was a very, very educational class, and it was good for me since my only previous experience was at Yoga To The People which is all open classes and assumes a level of familiarity I just never had. Unfortunately I can’t divulge details until the article is up in the news, but I’ll hook you up with a link soon. After class I felt shaky and yummy, and hit up El Beit on Bedford for watermelon and iced green ginger tea (the tea was awesome) to write my article.
watermelon and green tea

The story continues:

My ability to wake up at 6am in the dark/cold is very limited so far. I’m weak, I know. So no run again this morning. While at the office, I started to feel the affects of yesterday’s venture into yogaland. My legs felt really tight and my arms sore. I wanted to stretch it out but couldn’t get deep enough. Then it occurred to me: the cure… just might be… more yoga!

Further into yogatown I went, with a return to Yoga To The People tonight. I took a 7:30pm class, and it was as packed as I remember. The difference this time was that I knew my form a little better, and the teacher, a dude named Xander, ROCKED. He articulated exactly what I was feeling when it hurt, so I felt comforted in my pain, and he KICKED OUR ASSES. and made us laugh.

I laughed during yoga class. Is that illegal?

We did some intense core work and I thought my stomach muscles were going to explode. Luckily, they did not explode and I kept my insides to myself. Cheers.


this pic from their site is pretty accurate

I’m looking forward to another deceivingly calm butt-kicking this week. Any NYCers want to join me on a visit to yogaville?

* open oms? instead of open arms? damn i feel clever.

Nighttime in McCarren Park

22 Oct

baseball in mccarren park

baseball game
tree in mccarren park
autumn tree
my ghostmy ghost
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