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On an apartment hunt

12 Jul

Our landlord sold our apartment, and the new owner would like to move in, rather than continue to rent it out. I don’t blame him, it’s a great spot. And a lovely blue wall, if I do say so myself. Cue sad face. :(

This morning my handy dandy realtor, awesome Will, is picking me up at 10:15 to go look at a bunch of new places. We’re hoping to find a place with a little bit lower rent so that we can save some money, and also not be too far from downtown. Can those two things come together in one sweet little package? I’ll find out today!


The key to life is finding the beauty in everything around you.

11 Jul

Did you ever read a book where the author just nails it, line after line? I’ve been reading a book called “Let The Great World Spin” by Colum McCann for about a month now (I usually read 2-3 books at once; book ADD), and I love the way he writes. I have a thing for little lines of beauty. Beauty in the sense of the language, the truth captured, and the way it makes me think. Do you underline in your books?

Here are some of the quotes I’ve captured over the past weeks:

“But life must pass through difficulty in order to achieve any modicum of beauty, he said.”

“He wanted the promotion, yes, but even that couldn’t stifle the feeling that he had taken whatever idealism he once had and stuffed it inside a cheap black robe, and now, when he went searching, he couldn’t even find it inside the darkest slits.”

“There are rocks deep enough in this earth that no matter what the rupture, they will never see the surface. There is, I think, a fear of love. There is a fear of love.”

“There’s only one thing that moves at the speed of light and that’s cold hard cash.”

“They told me Corrigan smashed all the bones in his chest when he hit the steering wheel. I thought, well at least in heaven his Spanish chick’ll be able to reach in and grab his heart.”

“They say boys always want to be the first with girls, and girls always want to be the last with boys.”

“If you think of the world without people, it’s about the most perfect thing there ever is. It’s all balanced and shit. But then come the people, and they fuck it up.”

“My mother and father, up from Missouri, hugged me. They were old and ruined and held each other’s hands as if they were just one piece.”

“There are years accumulated in a sound.”

Think about that last one. Is there a song that comes on the radio, and you just must change the channel because you don’t want to think about whatever it’s reminding you of? Or a song that immediately brings you back to your childhood and makes you smile to yourself in the car?

Onto today :)

This morning I did a 20 minute oldie but goodie bodyrock workout called “Sexy Supremacy.” I haven’t done a workout over 12 minutes in a while, and it went by just as quickly. I’m so glad to be exercising again. I was in a pretty bad slump for the two weeks before, and nothing was exciting me at all about the idea of being active. In fact, the thought of exercising even depressed me. I was anti-activity. Couchasaurus. Weird, right? Or can you relate? Taking that first step back after a long break is always the hardest. Always. But it’s worth it.

Breakfast was a fruit smoothie. It came out like a tall glass of amazing.

In the blender:

- 1 frozen banana (frozen in two pieces to make it easier for the blender to handle)

- a bunch of frozen strawberry slices

- 1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

- 1/3 cup of water

- 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (Jay Robb brand)

Sancho slept right through the blending process. What a sleep monster. He’s also a book-eating monster. Scroll back up. Notice the ragged top left corner of my book? Mm hmm.

Mmm hmm.

All in a Monday

10 Jul

1. Big spoon, little spoon

2. Getting my workout groove back

3. Eggs, brocoli, pasta, and spaghetti sauce for breakfast. I don’t know why, I just needed it.

4. The announcement on Facebook that Trainer Links is now called Fit Steady (go. now. like.).


5. A bird with a bracelet on

6. The Fit Steady team working hard while I take pictures and then they look at me and wonder why :)

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