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Zucchini and Eggs, A 5 Minute Workout, & A Fit Steady Fitness Coach

13 Aug

It’s true, I haven’t worked out in a week and a half. I know, someone should call the exercise police! I am once again stuck in a rut. Going to New York for a week always does it to me. I’m crazy busy while I’m there, and then I’m too anxious about my lost capabilities when I get back. It’s silly. I’ve decided to do 2 things to snap out of it:

1. A non-negotiable 5 minutes of exercise every morning. 5 minutes! No excuses. Is that good for anything, you ask? Plenty. It gets my mind in the right place, and gets my body active. Here was this morning’s 5 minute workout:

- Minute 1: Standing push-ups. I put my hands on the  kitchen counter, and leaned my body in bending at the elbows, then pushed away by straightening them.

- Minute 2: Jogging in place. simple yet effective.

- Minute 3: Jumping jacks

- Minute 4: Hold a jar of tomato sauce in both hands. Start with arms straight at sides. Then come up into a bicep curl, and then lift both arms straight up overhead. Bring back down to shoulders, then back down to sides. Repeat.

- Minute 5: Jumping jacks

- BONUS! Minute 6-7: Roll your head in circles to loosen up your neck, and stretch out your arms by reaching to the sky while rolling your wrists. Reach down as far as you can to either touch your knees, calves, or toes.

2. I’ve decided to get a fitness coach from Fit Steady. The idea of having a fitness coach give me a customized plan to help me reach my goals, and meet with me every 2 weeks to workout & keep me on track sounds WONDERFUL. Where has this been all my life? I’m matched up with Alex, and I’m PUMPED to get started. A little help is just the ticket. I guess this could be considered a shameless plug for my business, but I’m also very serious. I need this right now.

In addition to exercise, I’ve been trying to incorporate more fruits & veggies into my daily eats. This week’s goal has been to use up all our fresh produce before it goes bad! We have 5 zucchinis, and I’ve been throwing them in my eggs in the morning with a wee bit of peppers & pepperoni. I’m talking like 1 ounce of pepperoni cut into really small pieces. It makes the eggs taste AMAZING, and it’s only a teeny bit. The zucchini rocks, too. Good eats.

Do you sneak unsuspecting ingredients into your eggs or do push ups off of your countertop too? Then let’s be friends.

“A 5 minute pantry lunch” or “I’ve been eating really weird things”

27 Jul

We are officially out of food in this house. The few remaining perishable items have been some very random vegetables, and dill. I’ve been making the best of it and eating like a forager instead of taking an hour to run to the store and grocery shop. Why? Because an hour seems like SO much time to take out of the middle of the day…and at the end of the day… who wants to run errands?

So, I’ve been mixing together some really weird concoctions like only a forager would. When Sancho saw the first batch, this was his reaction: I’d rather eat an awesome stick than whatever is in that bowl, you evil, evil woman.

Back away from the stick…

I present to you my odd creation that actually tasted kinda good, in 3 different variations. It’s kinda like a tuna casserole, only not baked. Imagine you were in a frat house, and you opened the fridge only to find condiments in the doors in the shelf, one container of leftover plain pasta (in my case, a ton of leftover quinoa), a random bunch of dill, and uno lone pepper in the vegetable drawer.

From the pantry I pulled:

1 can o’ tuna

salt & pep

From the fridge I pulled:


3/4 cup leftover quinoa

1 tsp mayo made with olive oil

2 tsp capers from a random jar of capers

Optional variables over 3 different days of trying to make it interesting:

1/2 a pepper

1/3 can of beans



It tastes pretty good, I swear! The secret is the dill and the capers. Let a little of the pickling juice from the capers get all up in that mixture, and you’ll see what I’m sayin’. I feel like I discovered electricity. Only in the form of tune mixed with capers. Clearly, I’m on the path to rocket science.

Sancho, drop the stick.

When life hands you lemons, find a chocolate chip cookie.

17 Jul

I have been spending a lot of time at Dominican Joe’s lately (lovingly referred to at Dojo’s) to get my work done. I like my coffeeshops to have a dim, loner-type vibe, with a good amount of chocolate food options and a small feeling of despair about them. When I say despair, I mean people who seem to be working really hard on something that’s not easy, and need to know they’re sitting next to a river of coffee to make it possible. Those are my kind of people these days. Or… maybe I’m describing myself? Heh. I heard coffee and chocolate chip cookies make the best therapists.

Things have been a little hectic these day.

Hectic item #1: Apartment hunting.

Last Thursday I went driving around with my realtor looking at places in Austin. It turns out that in the 10 months since we moved here, the occupancy rate in the city has jumped to 98%, and prices are up everywhere. We’re now looking at places half the size of the one we have now for approximately the same price. I did see a beautiful place that’s right by Zilker Park (a huge park in Austin that has natural springs, and it’s also where they hold ACL every year). We applied the next day, but apparently so did 3 other people! Here’s a peak at it. We find out today if we got it or not. Everyone cross your fingers!

Hectic item #2: Getting a Texas drivers license.

Here’s the deal. A month ago I got pulled over for running a red light (I swear I thought it was one of those blinking cross-walk lights). Not only did I get a $200something ticket for running the light, but it turns out you only have 90 days after moving to Texas to convert to a Texas driver’s license. Enter ticket #2. Yesterday I went to the DMV to get a new license. I found out that I need 3 (3!!) forms of ID just to prove that I’m me, and no, my NY driver’s license doesn’t count. Why would that not count as a form of ID? Just because it doesn’t say Texas on it?! Wild. I’m obviously annoyed by this. I called Dave up ranting about it. Poor guy had to listen to my crazies for 5 minutes. Thanks for letting my crazies occur, Dave. Texas DMV–you are the root cause of my crazies. The pic below would be the line out the door.

Hectic item #3: Fit Steady logistics

I love building Fit Steady. I do. I just want to let you know that it is a TON of work, and sometimes things just don’t go as planned. I do find that behind each seeming downfall is an opportunity for an upswing, and the key is to recognize that upswing and ride it. There is a big star on the top of the mountain, and I am climbing, climbing, every day :) .

One thing that has found it’s way back to solid ground is my workout grind. I feel SO GOOD when my workouts are consistent! I’ve been going to the gym everyday or every other day depending, and I immediately notice a difference in my energy, hunger (I’m an eating machine), and the way my clothes fit. I don’t think I truly lose or gain anything in the in-between time, I think my body just goes lax. I don’t know how to explain it. But it’s not about losing or gaining anyway, it’s about feeling wonderful everyday. Knowing I’m doing all that I can for myself, and feeling free. YEAH! Can you tell I’m talking to myself here? :) Well, I hope it helps you too, friend.

Here’s to overcoming hectic with a hell of a smile.

P.S. Between starting and finishing this post, I found out that we did not get the apartment. I’m smiling because we will find someplace better. Amiright? Off to get another cookie…

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