“A 5 minute pantry lunch” or “I’ve been eating really weird things”

27 Jul

We are officially out of food in this house. The few remaining perishable items have been some very random vegetables, and dill. I’ve been making the best of it and eating like a forager instead of taking an hour to run to the store and grocery shop. Why? Because an hour seems like SO much time to take out of the middle of the day…and at the end of the day… who wants to run errands?

So, I’ve been mixing together some really weird concoctions like only a forager would. When Sancho saw the first batch, this was his reaction: I’d rather eat an awesome stick than whatever is in that bowl, you evil, evil woman.

Back away from the stick…

I present to you my odd creation that actually tasted kinda good, in 3 different variations. It’s kinda like a tuna casserole, only not baked. Imagine you were in a frat house, and you opened the fridge only to find condiments in the doors in the shelf, one container of leftover plain pasta (in my case, a ton of leftover quinoa), a random bunch of dill, and uno lone pepper in the vegetable drawer.

From the pantry I pulled:

1 can o’ tuna

salt & pep

From the fridge I pulled:


3/4 cup leftover quinoa

1 tsp mayo made with olive oil

2 tsp capers from a random jar of capers

Optional variables over 3 different days of trying to make it interesting:

1/2 a pepper

1/3 can of beans



It tastes pretty good, I swear! The secret is the dill and the capers. Let a little of the pickling juice from the capers get all up in that mixture, and you’ll see what I’m sayin’. I feel like I discovered electricity. Only in the form of tune mixed with capers. Clearly, I’m on the path to rocket science.

Sancho, drop the stick.

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