A 10 Minute Home Workout For Everyone + Where Does Your Fruit Come From?

30 Jul

Here’s a nice workout for beginners and/or people who are just getting back into their groove and/or anyone who only has 10 minutes to workout. The trick is to do as many reps as possible within each minute. It’s a 10 minute workout, and requires a timer (or standing in front of a clock in your house). The workout is super simple, yet will really do the trick to get you sweating and give you the wonderful feeling of accomplishment for the day. This is a great go-to workout when you don’t have much time, nor a gym membership, and want to feel good before or after work.

10 minute yes everyone can always fit in a good workout, workout.

Minute 0-1: Jog in place

Minute 1-2: Jumping jacks

Minute 3-4: Squats while standing place. Hold your hand on a wall next to you if you need help with balance, otherwise make sure that your knees never go over your toes, your back is straight, and you put your weight in your heels as if you were going to sit down (but don’t sit down!). Squeeze your butt muscles on the way up!

Minute 4-5: Bicycle crunches on the ground. Go slowly when you bring each leg back down to the ground, that’s where the magic happens. Also be sure to pull your belly button into your spine & keep your core tight throughout.

Minute 5-6: Jumping jacks

Minute 6-7: Hold a can of vegetables (or beans, or whatever you have cans of in your pantry) in each hand, and do basic bicep curls while jogging in place. Opposite arm curls when opposite leg is in the air.

Minute 7-8: Squats

Minute 8-9: Crunches with your legs up in the air at a 90 degree angle (as if you were resting your calves on a couch, except do NOT rest them on a couch)

Minute 9-10: Push ups–as many as you can in one minute. If you can’t do a regular push up, try just bending your elbow a little baby bit and coming up. If that’s a little too difficult, do push ups from your knees. No shame, strength has to start from somewhere! Be sure to keep your back straight, and don’t let your butt drop down. Your shoulders should be directly above your wrists.

**Minute 10-11**: The Rocky soundtrack should start playing and a gold medal will appear around your neck signaling that it’s time to take a bow and cry in the name of glory.

Then be sure to stretch and take a few laps around your house outside to cool down before hopping in the shower and feeling awesome that you snuck in a great 10 minute workout when you least expected it.

Onto my daily adventures :)

I’m reading a book right now called Bananas, by Peter Chapman. Bananas tells the story about how the fruit industry was responsible for the development of a lot of third world economies, while also being extremely detrimental to the countries. The industry was a pioneer for multi-national corporations and globalization. It’s been making me stop to look at my fruit and think about the plantations that were created to maintain it’s mass production, the railroads that were built through forests to support the shipment of it, the greenhouses that pour gas on it to ripen it, and the economies that depend upon those processes whether they like it or not. It reminds me of how I felt when I watched Food, Inc.–I now have a completely new view of this food group. There’s so much more to a banana than meets the eye!

I started looking at the fruit that we have and noticed that it is from all over the world. I’m not completely naive, I know most food is outsourced, but how often do you stop to think about the massive machine behind that apple in your hand?

Sancho doesn’t care:

Go check the fruit in your house–what countries did your fruit come from?

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