The Best Food Truck In Austin Texas

7 May

Austin is home to some great tex-mex, and killer barbeque. But thanks to this blog, I was lucky to enough to come across a food truck taking it’s own road to delicious cuisine: the Hill Country Pierogi Truck. The truck is run by boyfriend and girlfriend duo Rob and Britt, and is located on the East Side on 11th. The couple left their apartment in the East Village of Manhattan in search of a way to follow their passion (huge foodies!) and decided to take a leap and open up the pierogi business here. But the leap wasn’t random–oh no. Britt was raised eating her Polish grandma’s wonderful home made pierogi, and she was determined to bring that wonderful memory, and time honored food to the table in Austin.

best food truck in austin texas

If you’ve never heard of pierogi–no worries–I’m here to help. The Polish word is pronounced puh-roe-gy, with the emphasis on the middle syllable. It translates loosely into “delicious, pillowy, dough pockets stuffed with potato and cheese, pan sauteed in butter and onions.”

pierogi from the best food truck in austin

Okay, so that’s not really how it translates, but it may as well. Do you SEE that picture? Gah! I want more. Potato and cheese is the original version, but Britt and Rob cook up some amazing fusion pierogi that literally make you say “wow,” after the first bite.

Britt invited me and a few other bloggers to the Hill Country Pierogi trailer last week for a sampling of their finest options. I came with a huge appetite and left rolling myself home. It’s the kind of food you can’t stop eating no matter how full you get.

For an appetizer, Britt started us off with freshly grilled chorizo locally sourced from Aurelia’s, with a side of Fredericksburg Farms mustard. Tasty bites.

pierogi from the best food truck in austin

After the appetizer was finished, out came our first round of pierogi (YES!). Round 1 included traditional pierogi made with potatoes and cheese (made with cheddar), bacon pierogi made with potato, bacon and onion (pictured below, one of my faves), and a veggie pierogi made with gorgonzola cheese.

pierogi from the best food truck in austin

Round 2 included a pizzarogi, Britt & Robb’s creation of their signature pierogi dough stuffed with two kinds of cheese and marinara sauce, deep fried, and topped with pepperoni and more sauce on side for dipping (my boyfriend goes insane for this one), a maker’s mark infused pulled pork pierogi complete with brown sugar sour cream on the side (by FAR my favorite. foodgasm), and lastly, a Korean short rib and kimchi pierogi, with siracha infused sour cream on the side.

pierogi from the best food truck in austin

I mean really. Why haven’t you eaten here yet? Why am I not eating there right now? Will you meet me there for dinner? I’m serious.

pierogi from the best food truck in austin

Go now. Please. Tell Britt I sent you so that maybe she’ll give me an extra pierogi next time I go ;) .

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3 Responses to “The Best Food Truck In Austin Texas”

  1. Libby Jacobson May 7, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

    I had several of those delicious pillows of goodness at the Maker’s Mark event, and I am literally drooling for more! :)

    • melruns May 9, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

      Gah let’s go back together!

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