“Scheduling time for personal change” or “OMG I went running for the first time in a year!”

16 May

Making a workout schedule for myself this month is one of the most helpful things I’ve done in a while. I always make daily to-do lists for work items, have a monthly plan for my business, Trainer Link, and even have a task list with my business team…but for fitness? I usually just wing it and hope that winging it equals out to about 4 workouts a week. Well.. guess what… wingin’ it isn’t always the most effective plan. Now that I have a lil’ sched, I know exactly what I need to do and am mentally prepared to plan and attack it the night before.

On the schedule for yesterday’s workout was “2 miles of any kind.” I wrote “of any kind” because it’s honestly been about a year since I’ve gone a run, so I wanted to ease the pressure a bit by allowing myself to walk or even bike. Why? Well, actually, running was all I used to do. Coming off of the track team in high school and going into college, I thought running solved everything. And so I ran for 11 years–hitting the pavement to eek out at least 3 miles a day, day after day, waiting for my 6 pack to arrive (it didn’t). Well, after enough time, my knees started to hurt me. Not only that, but people around me who were veteran runners started saying, “Just wait until your 30, you’ll have no knees left to run on. But hey! Enjoy it while you can!” So I freaked out, found an alternative that I love, and never looked back.

But for some reason, when I sat down to write that schedule, I decided that maybe it was time to bring running back into my life a little bit. My reasoning what this: I can’t do strength training every day of the week, and I’ve gained a little weight over the past month due to meeting people in coffee shops and grabbing whatever random food I could (i.e. chocolate chip muffins, quiches with tons of cheese on them, and lots and lots of energy bars). I could stand a little more cardio in my life to balance things out. Amiright?

So I set out yesterday morning with Dave and Sancho by my side for the run. Honestly, it felt kind of weird at first. I forgot how to synch my breathing with my stride. I remember back when I was a runner my breath was almost like a drum beat. I knew exactly when it would hit in between each step. Yesterday I sounded like a tamborine falling down a flight of stairs. But by the second half of the run, it felt good again. It felt natural. My lungs remembered that burn. Unfortunately at the last quarter mile mark my left knee started to hurt, but I walked the rest of the way home and it was fine. Today I did my beloved high intensity interval training, and then tomorrow it’s another 2 miles.

Change is good :) . It was a really fulfilling way to start out my 27th year.

P.S. Check out the beautiful necklace Dave got me for my birthday. In person, it sparkles like the ocean.

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2 Responses to ““Scheduling time for personal change” or “OMG I went running for the first time in a year!””

  1. Melissa @TryingtoHeal May 17, 2012 at 1:18 am #

    Sorry if it seems like i disappeared from commenting; I’ve been reading for sure!

    I hear you on the planning workouts; If i don’t have something to work towards it just doesn’t get done for me. Very frustrating when I’m feeling lazy but gets my butt up off the floor!

    Great job on getting in that run! I just realized i haven’t run in two weeks and didn’t really miss it, whereas before i would have gone crazy!

    • melruns May 17, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

      Hey Melissa!

      So nice to hear from you :) Isn’t it crazy how running was once our entire lives? I’m grateful for moving on!

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