One Week On The Workout Sidelines

24 Apr

Since startup weekend, my life has literally turned upside down–in a fantastic way. I’m meeting new people all the time, and constantly learning about theories and perspectives that change the way I approach things in my life. I’m not only talking about my startup, I’m talking about my role as Digital Strategist at Launchpad, how I think about approaching each day, my relationships, and so on. And staying true to my MR readers, I have to tell you that during this wildly exciting and busy time, my health & fitness daily standards have dropped to a sub-par level. No, I’m eating twinkies (gah! ahhh!) but I’ve really been slacking at keeping my workout routine up, and if there’s pizza at an event I’m at for dinner, I’m not going to sit there and eat the emergency apple I keep in my bag, pretending I’m full.

(excuse the stock shot watermark, this pic was too accurate too pass up)

I think part of the reason that I hurt my back yesterday was that in an attempt to make up for my slackage; I was trying to kick my butt extra hard. When I got down on the floor to try a new variation of a push up that required my body to be slightly at an angle, my back was like “WOAH! You neglect me for a month and then think you can get all ninja with me?!” I should’ve known better, but I’ve never really been injured in that way before so it was hard to see it coming. #ninjafail

I did get to the doctor three hours after the injury occurred (spoiler: there was no magic carpet as I alluded in yesterday’s post), and the physician told me it was an overstretched trapezius muscle. I figured as much before I went, but a back injury isn’t something you really want to guess at. Otherwise I could do something wrong and be stuck laying in plank position for another month. The doc gave me kickass strength ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer to keep my back from spasming. She predicted it will take a week for me to heal, and therefore I cannot even think about doing exercise or strenuous activity until that time. Bummed? Yes. Happy it’s a minor pull and I’m only out for a week? Double yes.

Did I mention how much I hate muscle relaxers? They’re like the opposite of coffee. Why would I ever try to negate coffee? Ludicrous.

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3 Responses to “One Week On The Workout Sidelines”

  1. Libby Jacobson April 24, 2012 at 9:22 pm #

    I’ve had similar issues lately (not fun!!) bc I have a tendency to pop into my back when my abs and core muscles get tired in pilates or circuit training. The advice the instructors gave me is to keep a slight posterior tilt of my pelvis so my lower back stays straight during standing or plank exercises, and to bend my knees as much as I need to feel the release in my back for laying down exercises. That’s helped a lot (no more nightcap of Advil and a heating pad…) so just thought I’d pass along fwiw! Hope you feel better!

    • melruns April 25, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

      Thanks for the recommendations Libby! I’m currently on the advil + heating pad diet haha. I might give pilates a shot once I’m healed. I’m always up for trying something new :)

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