“You’re Not Eating Chocolate? Why?!” or “A Recipe Worth Sharing”

18 Jan

When I’m out with friends and somehow the topic of me not eating chocolate comes up (usually when we’re out to dinner and it’s time for dessert, at which point I look at the menu with sunglasses on so people can’t see my tears), my surrounding company seems to be extremely intrigued (must be the sunglasses).

I get questions like “Why are you doing this to yourself?” “Did you know they have brownies for dessert at this restaurant?” (grrr) “How long do you plan to keep going?” and I have to find a way to explain to people, who have no idea that I even write a blog, that I have a commitment to my readers in something called the Stronger Than Chocolate Challenge.

stronger than chocolate challenge

Here’s one reason why I’m doing this.

A success story from participant Jessie, that reminds me, and I hope all of you, that it’s not the deprivation we should focus on, it’s the strength that we gain each day when we come out victorious–and how it can change our lives in the smallest of ways, yet add up to fantastic momentum.

I sent the challengers an email yesterday asking them a series of questions, one being “How much do you hate me for making you give up chocolate?” and here was part of Jessie’s response:

“…I thank you for providing a challenge because that’s just what I needed!

I always hear about people who eat better having more energy- and I think I’m experiencing that. Without any sugar (or caffeine) to assist me – I am ALL KINDS OF ENERGETIC! Everything is running like a mile a minute –  my mouth, my body. It’s kind of awesome. I’m going to the gym more just to kind of wear myself out, not something I’m used to generally.

I plan to keep going indefinitely. I will allow myself to slip up should it happen (like if I’m in Europe again and presented with sweets), but I have been pretty good at turning down temptation and am hoping it just keeps getting easier…”

I love to connect with my readers, and truly make a healthy, inspiring difference in people’s lives. And oh, I also have a chocolate addiction that I’m trying to break–but that’s not the point :) . Seeing Jessie’s triumph in turn empowers me to continue strong on my own journey, and the recipe continues to repeat. It’s a recipe worth sharing, trust me.

How can we help push each other to the next level? What kind of challenge are you in need of?

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One Response to ““You’re Not Eating Chocolate? Why?!” or “A Recipe Worth Sharing””

  1. Amanda January 18, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

    Yay for the chocolate challenge – and for reader Jessie’s progress. It is inspiring! I wish I could have been stronger on that first day you invited me, but I caved to hot chocolate and many more indulgences since then (gasp!) Will have to find a different weakness to give up!

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