First Day of My Personal Trainer Adventure

11 Oct

I did it! I signed up for the PFTA personal trainer school today (read my first post about the school here). I’m so freakin’ excited. I’ve been thinking about doing something actionable with my fitness passion for such a long time, that it feels really good to finally be in the moment.

I brought my camera with me but felt rude taking pictures in the middle of class, so unfortunately I have none to share. But no worries, I’ll tell you all about it and put in pics that give you the idea.

Here is a very blurry picture of my teacher Mark, which I stole from a PFTA youtube video.

Mark Jackson

Today he set expectations of what the program will entail over the next ten weeks, and gave everyone their supplies. Next we learned about body fat percentage, how to approach new clients when we have to measure them (get comfortable, don’t look nervous and let your hands shake.. you’ll make them lose confidence in you), and we actually took our own body composition measurements as well. We used two methods:

A) Skin calipers

skin caliper


and B) a BEA machine

BEA machine

Much better

BEA stands for bio-electrical impedence analysis. When you hold on to the handles of it, it sends an electrical current through your body (not enough to hurt you, obv) and based on the premis that fat blocks the current and muscle conducts it better, it gives you a readout.

With skin calipers, you’re basically pinching areas of skin to measure for fat. The whole class had to get up and measure each other with a caliper to get a baseline for where we’re starting. Not scary… no. There are three key areas for women:

  1. Triceps (mid-upper arm)
  2. Suprailiac (the what? it’s right above your hip bone in the front of your stomach on an angle. That spot where dudes have cuts right above their pants line. mmhmm.)
  3. Quads (middle of the front)

The skin calipers gave me a body fat percentage of 17, while the BEA said 20. I’m going to meet in the middle and say I’m at 18.5, which is “average” according to the American Council on Exercise (pshhh… who you callin’ average). Because there are workouts after each class, hopefully I’ll see some progress. I don’t have any specific goals yet, but gaining muscle is always welcome. The more push ups I can do means the more I can kick Dave’s ass :) .

I had to skip out on the bootcamp workout today because I showed up in jeans and sandals like an idiot, but I’ll definitely hit it up on Thursday (class is Tuesdays and Thursdays). It looks like I’ll eventually have to put together a bootcamp routine of my own, too.

New adventure is GO. I’ll be blogging about each class, and my other workout adventures, under the “workin it” category.

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