Four (4) Mile Mornings

30 Nov

Something is happening…  I’m running more than usual and I’m not even thinking about it. I mean, I’m thinking about it.. but rather, not stressing about it.

Why would long, awesome runs make me stress?

I think it’s something like, and this I believe this is the mindset of most runners, if you achieve something once–whether it’s a certain distance, time, type of workout–it becomes the next benchmark to always strive for. For example, if I manage to squeeze in 4.5 miles one morning, then every morning after that I will know that 3 miles is no longer the best I can do… I have done better.

Running is truly a competition against yourself. See what I mean? It’s a morning battle of mel vs. mel everyday. I spite myself and surprise myself. It sounds like a vicious cycle, but it’s not. It’s an ambitious cycle. I like that; it’s now my quote of the day.

This holiday weekend I ran it up big time (for me, not.. for a marathoner in training) and managed a four miler or more everyday. I just stopped thinking so hard about how well I was doing and ran to feel good. That it the best way to do it, my friends. I did write up my Thanksgiving morning run over the Pulaski Bridge in Brooklyn for the WG News if you want to read about it. you do.

Today I ran 3.9 miles here, and I felt very strong the whole way. That’s unusual for me because longer morning runs usually hit my legs hard (aka the jelly legs attack) and I have to take it easy. This morning was a small victory for melkind. Sweet.

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